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About Us

Amazing school for your little one

Daycare and Education Centre of babies and children from birth to Grade 0/R nestled within the secure and tranquil surroundings of Norscot Manor Recreation Centre. We understand that family comes first.

We are registered with the Gauteng Education Department;
Social Welfare Department and the Health Department.
We follow the OBE Curriculum and Letter Land, Primary School International Flex Learning in preparation for Cambridge Exams.

Our Vision:

Me as principal together with my team will ensure that those young minds are opened up for their future learning.
It is our duty and objective to provide the developing child with a balance of active and quiet learning. It is based on the right for a child to enjoy their childhood.


We do a lot of community outreach in the Fourways area to give all the children from all walks of life the same start that they deserve.


Behaviour Management:

Norscot has certain guiding principles regarding child discipline and behaviour management;

  • All children have a right to their feelings at all times and a right to express those feelings.
  • All children’s feelings MUST be respected at all times.
  • An early childhood Educators role is to encourage and allow the expression of feelings while discouraging any negative and aggressive behaviour.
  • Children must never be harmed either physically or psychologically.

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