Enrollment Form

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child/children to Norscot Playschool. With your encouragement and support I am looking forward to a fruitful year. Children are our most precious possessions in life and their well being is my top priority. I would like to assure you of the best service at all times.

The objective of Norscot Playschool is to provide a secure and happy environment in which to give the most up-to-date Pre-School training to your child. There is much to learn before going to Primary School, many skills to develop and concepts to grasp and these precious pre-primary years should not be wasted. Norscot Playschool would like to ensure that your child will cope with Primary School and help put your child on the path to a great future.

As language is vital within our society, I place great importance on encouraging the children in every aspect of LANGAUGE DEVELOPMENT – speech, vocabulary, reading and writing. I hope that they can always find someone who will listen to what they want to say.

Please ensure that you read and initial all of the following pages, as well as signing where indicated.

Thank you,

Greta-Ann S Mair
For and On Behalf of Norscot Playschool
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NB: Please bring the enrolment requirements below with the enrolment form for registration. Thank you