About Norscot Playschool

Our School
Nestled safely in Norscot Recreational Centre, it’s a short nature walk to get to the school which is a delight for both parents and children.

We cater for children from birth to 6 years old and are a feeder school into Bryanston Parallel Primary , Bryanston Primary,Bryandale primary and Bryaneven schools. We help find the best school suited to you and your child’s needs. Our operating hours are from 06h00 to 18h00 Monday to Friday. We offer full day, half day (14h00) and after school care. Our school is open throughout the year including all private and public school holidays and only closes between Christmas and New Year.

We love to keep things interesting for our children and teachers with various activities and events. We celebrate all sorts of holidays with games and crafts like Valentine’s Day, Easters, mothers and father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. Plus a mid - year school Fete and year end School Play.

All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises everyday according to the Health Department regulations. All the refreshments are free of preservatives and also prepared daily.

All out staff are CPR and first aid trained. We also have a retired nurse with us so your child is in the best care possible.
Our Babycenter (Birth to 18 Months)
We have a separate centre for our babies as their immune system still needs to be build up. A record of all the babies individual activities are recorded (nappy changes, bottle feeds and eating habits) for parent’s peace of mind.

Going To Big School
Whether your child is in grade 0 in the school of your choice or in a different school in grade 0, all children have the same chance of getting into grade 1. As now everybody has to apply at the same time at the school of your choice. No matter which school your child is attending. This was announced by the E.C.D
NB: All applications need to be done online
School provides transport to and from school at a stipulated price, depending on your distance from school. Please contact the school for more details.